We can see from the rising levels of obesity across populations all over the globe that people don't really like healthy food. "Salad?" "Yuck!", "Cake?" "Thumbs up!!!". Since people don't like healthy food, one of the research themes of psychologists and consumer psychologists in particular is how to get these people to eat more healthy food. And this is where the Canmethod comes in handy.

Forget the Canmethod. Eat what you want. Bon apetit! Forget the Canmethod. Eat what you want. Bon apetit!

The C.A.N. acronym comes from Convenient, Attractive, Normal. Therefore, food must be convenient, attractive and normal in order to fool all those cake-eating persons into eating the disgusting salad. For example, a bowl of salad must be visible and easy to reach (convenient) - because the cake-eaters don't like consuming too many calories by moving, nicely displayed (attractive) - cake-eaters are attracted like fireflies to bright. shinny colors, and it should look like a good choice (normal) - Good choice?! Yuck!.


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