100 Ways To Get Rejected: Petition For The Rectification Of The 1973 Romanian-US Tax Treaty

What’s this 100 Ways To Get Rejected challenge about? Check this introductory post to find out.

I’m starting to get the hang of petitioning: I’ve petitioned yesterday the Ministry of Communications and Informational Society for the implementation of a national Public Transportation API and today I’m going to petition the government at http://gov.ro/en/contact (it was easy to find their email address for petitions) for the rectification of the old, 1973 tax treaty with America. My reason? I’m being charged a 30% Tax Withholding on the royalties resulting from the sale of my book, “A Story on the Camino“; Amazon is already taking another 30% for the Kindle version of my book and 40% for the paperback version so I’m left with next to nothing. This is why I’m petitioning for this seemingly disadvantageous tax treaty.

I need to know about what to write in my petition so I have to do some fact checking and have some data. Upon checking out the text of the treaty which can be found on the IRS website at https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-trty/romania.pdf I found out that the Article 12 referring to royalties states that “Royalties derived by a resident of one of the Contracting States from sources within the other Contracting State shall not be taxed by the other Contracting State at a rate in excess of 10 percent of the gross amount of cultural royalties or at a rate in excess of 15 percent of the gross amount of industrial royalties” and cultural royalties are defined as “Cultural royalties are payments of any kind made as consideration for the use of, or the right to use, copyrights of literary, artistic, or scientific works, including copyrights of motion picture films or films or tapes used for radio or television broadcasting;”
Hmm…so the tax for cultural royalties is 10% and not 30% as Amazon is charging me. What’s going on? Is Amazon intentionally ignoring an international treaty? So I go back to Amazon and try to figure out what’s going on.

On Amazon’s website (https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/help/topic/G201274690) it states that for Non-US publishers “Royalty payments for sales on the U.S. store are subject to 30% U.S. tax withholding” unless “their country of permanent residence has an income tax treaty with the United States”. But this is not all, there is something more. “To qualify for reduced withholding, you must enter an income tax identification number (TIN) in the U.S. tax information interview. If you have a U.S. TIN, you must provide this number. If you do not have a U.S. TIN, you may enter the income tax identification number issued to you by the tax authority in your country of residence.” So, basically, even if your country has or not a tax treaty with the US you will be subjected to a 30% TAX Withholding unless you have a US TIN or its equivalent in your country of residence.

I have to offer an additional explanation: I created my 100 Ways to Get Rejected List during a brainstorm and the most important rule in a brainstorm is to write down whatever idea crosses your mind, even if it’s crazy, bizarre, impossible and so on. Well, when I thought to add this petition to the list I was thinking about this several months old problem with Amazon that had something to do with an old tax treaty; in other words, I only had a hazy idea but I put it down in writing nonetheless. Somehow, during the past several months, it seems that in my memory the problem had metamorphosed into something else, the issue is not with the tax treaty, it’s actually with the tax identification number – a problem that I clearly haven’t solved back then for some reason.

After a quick search (https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/tin/pdf/en/TIN_-_country_sheet_RO_en.pdf) I find out that’s actually quite easy to obtain your Romanian TIN, there are many ways in which you can do it, you can get it from your passport, from your identity card, your driving license, from the Certificate for Tax Information.

In the end, instead of petitioning the government for a new tax treaty with the US I take again the Amazon Tax Information Interview, add my Romanian TIN and hope for the best. I’m actually writing this post on the go, writing after doing each of the aforementioned steps so a few minutes after writing my last sentence I got my interview and my newly submitted information automatically approved and validated – I was expecting a lengthier process – and I got my Tax Withholding down to 10%.

100 Ways To Get Rejected: Petition For The Rectification Of The 1973 Romanian-US Tax Treaty
100 Ways To Get Rejected: Petition For The Rectification Of The 1973 Romanian-US Tax Treaty

100 Ways To Get Rejected: Petition For The Rectification Of The 1973 Romanian-US Tax Treaty

100 Ways To Get Rejected: Petition For The Rectification Of The 1973 Romanian-US Tax Treaty

Well, this is the story of a rejection that fortunately never happened.

100 Ways To Get Rejected: Petition For A National Public Transportation API

What’s this 100 Ways To Get Rejected challenge about? Check this introductory post to find out.

While I was doing some research for a travel app I discovered that there are no cities in Romania that offer a Public Transportation API (PTA). What’s PTA? it’s basically public data that is accessible to anyone on the Internet, data about the public transportation system such as timetables, fares and routes. I initially thought at petitioning the mayor and searched for contact details on the city hall’s website but after doing some more research and learning more about the OpenData initiative (https://opendata.swiss) which is a joint project between the Swiss cantons and various organizations – I realized that I have to aim higher, at a government/ministry level. So I went to the Ministry of Communications and Informational Society’s website and looked around and found that I can send an online petition (https://www.comunicatii.gov.ro/e-petitie/) through one of their forms. I also found out that recently, only 2 weeks ago there was a meeting at the ministry regarding the nationwide implementation of the smart city concept – so this might be a good sign.

I wrote a 283 words petition, added 2 links, one to a google page with Public Feeds and the other one to an article about how smart cities are using API’s. I submitted the petition and I’m waiting for an answer.

100 Ways To Get Rejected: Petition for a National Public Transportation API
100 Ways To Get Rejected: Petition for a National Public Transportation API

For anyone interested about the smart city concept and Public Transportation API’s, those two links are:



100 Ways To Get Rejected: Applying To Go To Mars

What’s this 100 Ways To Get Rejected challenge about? Check this introductory post to find out.

“Again, it’s been a while since I have done something at this challenge” – I’ve written this in my challenge log because the idea of doing this project dates from June and I made little progress until a few days ago when I decided to take more action and wrote this post. The rest of this blog post is pretty much what I’ve written in the challenge log, along with some minor edits.

So today I decided to take action, get my hopes up and … get rejected!
The objective is to apply to go to Mars through whatever organization is doing a mission to Mars! Wish me luck!

100 Ways To Get Rejected: Mission on Mars
100 Ways To Get Rejected: Mission on Mars

After a quick search I find out about the Mars One Project and go to the qualifications page to find out if I qualify or not.
I don’t meet the “Visual acuity in both eyes of 100% (20/20) either uncorrected or corrected with lenses or contact lenses;” (I have poorer eyesight in one eye but I don’t wear glasses) and
the “Normal range of motion and functionality in all joints;” requirements but that’s OK, I’m ready to get rejected!

Clicking on “Can I apply to become an astronaut?” to get right to business…

Unfortunately, I discover that I am a bit too late…about 5 years late, “It is currently not possible to apply. The closing date of this first online astronaut application round was 31 August 2013.” I don’t want to give up my dream of becoming an astronaut so easily so I search some more.

I browse the search results but can’t find any recent open programs, the last Mars project seems to be from 3 years ago when NASA hold a recruiting session for their mission on Mars. I wouldn’t had have qualified for the NASA mission as well. I’m doing now a search after recent news about going on Mars and nope, no new missions and open registrations for Mars, the only open registration that I could find is for another kind of Mars, “Mars Wrigley’s Candy Connoisseur internship”, you know, the candy, chocolate and Willy Wonka kind of stuff. I’m not fussy about the kind of Mars I’m going to so I try to apply for the internship but unfortunately there is no meeting Willy Wonka for me either because I got a “This job cannot be viewed at this time. It has either been deleted or is no longer available for application. For more job opportunities, please click here.” More job opportunities…well, you don’t happen to have any job on Mars by any chance do you?

It seems that I can’t get rejected even if I want to…this is like a whole new level of rejection, meta-rejection, I’m failling at trying to fail – and no, failling at trying to fail is not necessarily succeeding.

New Challenge: 100 Ways To Get Rejected

It’s time for a new personal challenge because it has been more than a month since I have finished the last one (100 Days of Writing) and I’m ready to get out of my comfort zone again and achieve new things and new heights. I have completed two challenges so far, 100 Days of Writing and Run a Marathon in 100 Days, it was hard completing them, at times I was asking myself why am I putting myself through this, that it’s a waste of time, energy, effort and so on, the challenges required me to get more creative and to push my limits but in the end, all I can say is that it was worth it, I’m now looking back at those few months of my life – I did both challenges during the same period of time – with a feeling that I did some memorable, something special, something unusual in the graph of my life.

New Challenge: 100 Ways To Get Rejected

I was inspired in creating this challenge after watching this TED Talk by Jia Jiang titled “What I Learned From 100 Days of Rejection”.


The fear of getting rejected is one of the most common fears in us and has deep roots in evolution. This fear comes all the way from the times in which we were living in small tribes and groups and when the rejection of our peers and our group was equivalent to a death sentence. Being cast out from your group meant that you had to find a shelter, fetch water, fetch firewood and keep the fire going, gather or hunt food, fight off huge animals of prey like the Smilodon (now extinct, also known as the saber-toothed tiger) or the huge cave bear (Ursus spelaeus, now extinct), fight off the members of a rival group or tribe – all by yourself. The fear of public speaking is actually the fear of getting rejected, public speaking exposes us in front of the whole group and directs their attention onto us – making us afraid that something we might do or say will upset the group and make it reject us.

One of the harshest prison punishments is solitary confinement, which reawakens the ancestral fear of getting rejected by the group and leaves the prisoner alone with his thoughts between four walls. In Ancient Greece, a harsh form of punishment was the exile or the ostracization – which comes from the Greek word “Ostracon” used for a piece of broken pottery used in a vote and that had written in it the name of the person who was to be exiled or not. We can find in history a lot of examples of people who have been exiled for various reasons: Ovid the Roman poet, Napoleon, which was exiled to Elba and then St. Helena, the famous womanizer Casanova, writer Victor Hugo, Dante the Italian poet, the Dalai Lama and many others.

This fear of getting rejected makes a lot of sense in the context of the early human history and the early human groups but nowadays is pretty much irrational and can be a hindrance to survival rather than an advantage. Today, the human groups are much more numerous, have much more members and have various degrees of organisation and stratification, we now call these groups teams, schools, companies, cities, countries. If you get rejected by one of these groups, even if it’s your fault or not, there is no smilodon around the corner waiting for you, instead, what you can find is another team, school, company, city, country and so on to which you can contribute. Now, the fear of rejection can stop you from asking out that girl that you like, from asking for that long due pay raise, from negotiating a better deal, from asking for help and so on, in other words, the fear of rejection can make you miss a lot of the opportunities that you have in life.

NO Signs

I’m doing this challenge because I want to get over my fear of getting rejected, to find opportunities and to improve my life. I’ve already written a list of more than 100 ways of getting rejected, some of them are downright crazy, hilarious, difficult, impossible and will put me through a lot of different situations, it will make some of the people that I will interact with question my sanity, consider me an idiot, a beggar, some kind of pervert, a time waster, a conman, a brave man and so on. I will probably be the subject of ridicule and insults but also admiration. I will be in situations I have never been before. It will probably be one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Now, the rules for this challenge are: I have to get rejected as much as possible in various ways. There is no time constraint as it was in my previous challenges because it’s hard to quantify how much it will take me to go through the list. I’m giving this challenge about a year to do but it might take more than that, some of the rejection scenarios require only a few hours of work while others require a lot more work and also some special conditions to be met.
Another thing: in some cases I might go for “soft rejections” meaning that I won’t go for a full-on rejection and act “full retard” to accomplish this, in those cases I have more to gain if I’m not rejected, or I’m only partially rejected – I call those cases “opportunities”.

Dance Monkey, Dance!

I’ve been taken away from my little house on the hill and moved to the big city (metaphorically speaking) which I’m calling now “the machine, the factory”, because this is what it actually is: the city is an artificial environment, it’s Ford’s assembly line, it’s a big factory where everything is automated and streamlined, a place where you have your running water (almost) all the time, your gas and fire most of the time, your electricity most of the time, the food is waiting you in nicely tucked in shelves, your car or the public transportation system is ready to take you to your destination, your phone lets you to communicate fast with whomever you can reach by the phone – all of these modern inventions having the role to reduce the time you spend trying to fulfill your basic necessities and sometimes even more than that. In short, all the means for you to have more time, to be more productive and to consume more are in place. Thus, you become a machine, a cog in the wheel, trying to do your part, to be efficient and to produce in order to do what is on the other side of the coin: to consume, because the act of consuming is what keeps the economy, the city and the machine growing. Producing and consuming is like Yin and Yang, one cannot exist without the other. It’s your duty to consume and to keep inflating the bubble, to keep your hopes and enthusiasm and the hopes and enthusiasm of others going. The entrepreneurs’ venture is all based on hopes and dreams and without a consuming society, without the machine, he knows that he is doomed to fail. On the other side, the consumer must be constantly coaxed, influenced, persuaded to consume until his raison d’etre, his meaning and life purpose becomes consumerism, he comes to believe that his dreams can be achieved only by the act of consuming. The entrepreneur and the consumer need one another in a mad illusory embrace that keeps on growing and growing into a bubble.

Homo Sapiens evolving into a bar code
Homo Sapiens evolving into a bar code. Source: Pinterest

The city is the place where time was invented. Standardized time. Around 1880 or so they (the British railway companies) decided and declared that time needs to be standardized, that there are no more local times, no more cities going with their own local time, that time has to be neatly organized and cut into pieces, arranged into longitudes and “time zones”, “there you go, this is your time from now on, you will do everything according to our time”. The reason for all this standardization? For the better functioning of the machine of course, workers have to get-up up on time and to arrive at the factory on time in order to keep the production going and on time. The machine can’t wait and it doesn’t wait for anyone. Even though the machine itself has no notion of time, it’s only its servants that created it.

But I’m not a consumer at heart. I’m tired of consuming. I don’t want to consume anymore. For example, I’ve been consuming information ever since this morning, content from news sites, from social media (Twitter), from Youtube but have I grown, am I better version of myself after all this consuming? No. I’m still the same. I don’t want to consume anymore but I don’t know what to fill my time with, all this invented, standardized time created by efficiency and automation and by the machine. I don’t need to go to the fountain and fetch water, to hunt or grow my own food, to make candles so I can see in the dark, to wash my clothes, I don’t have to walk for hours to get somewhere and to communicate with someone. No more adrenaline and thrills given by the wait of the hunt and the hunt itself, no more thinking while I go and get water, no more stories and songs told and sang around the fireplace, no more time spent in nature for hours on end. We’ve been taken away from what made us and put into an artificial environment where we are fed dreams and hopes.

What to do when you refuse to be fed the dreams and hopes of a consumerist society and have a lot of time on your hands? I think, I create, I invent, I write.
And I’m not the only one who is doing creative work with his free time, as a matter of fact all of this free time at the disposal of humanity transformed over time into art, research and scientific discovery, a progress that is happening at an accelerated pace. Because of all this extra time we can now travel and discover the world, we live longer and healthier in safer environments. I do acknowledge that all this free time contributed to the first steps of man on the moon and other extraordinary things but I’m also acknowledging the fact that we are losing something in this process and becoming something else, that we are working incessantly at our new artificial environment while degrading our original and natural one. Where is all this progress taking us and in what way it will transform us? We will have to wait and see. However, until then…we must diligently perform our duties like the little cogs in the wheel that we are, we have to produce and to consume. Dance monkey, dance!