A Life Well Lived

Life is like a game of poker and living a good life is all about playing the cards that fate gives you to the best of your ability. It’s not about regrets and having no regrets. What does this means anyway? Doing everything you want? Well, you can’t do anything you want and you can’t have anything you want so of course that there will be regrets. There is no person alive or dead that lived a life without regrets. There is no person alive or dead that had in life all they ever wanted. Nobody’s given the best cards all the time. On the other hand, nobody’s given the worst cards all the time. We have to make do with the cards that we are dealt and we have to make lemonade from those lemons that are thrown our way and to make strawberry smoothies from those strawberries that are thrown our way.

A life well lived
In the end, just three things matter:
How well we have lived
How well we have loved
How well we have learned to let go.

Seeing the good in the bad things that happen to us is a life well lived. Seeing the bad in the good things that happen to us is a wasted life. I don’t want to be able to say “I have no regrets” in my last years of existence, I want to be able to say “I lived the best possible life with the things that I’ve got”. I have many dreams and I want many things, smaller or bigger, but I have to internalize the fact that I will never have some of them. I want to find happiness and joy in the small things in life, to always remain curious and enthusiastic about the world around me, to have passion, to be interested in discovery and exploration, to experience the least amount of idle time as possible. I might not achieve all the things in life that I want and I might have regrets but I will certainly consider my life well spent knowing that I managed to squeeze out the flavor of life with the things that I’ve been given and that I wasted no time. That would be, for me, a life well lived.


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