Never Go Full Retard

Never Go Full Retard

Everybody knows you never go full retard.

I'm quite transparent on sharing what I'm doing and I've written posts before about what I like to call my experiments in the world of business and startups (links here, here and here).

I don't mind sharing this kind of data, I hope that it's useful and informative and somebody can learn something from it. I'm doing the same thing, searching for information, learning from others, trying to put it to good use and spreading it around. I'm not afraid that my ideas might be stolen, my experience taught me so far that however original you think your idea might be, it's most probably not, there are several billions people out there, each with their own cognitive capabilities generating out ideas, you might find out that your idea is already out there in one form or another and one level of implementation or another. Also, millions of people watched movies with Bruce Lee, that doesn't mean that they are Bruce Lee.

Well, I've been up to no good again. I recently launched a highly experimental project involving writing and high tech, it has nothing to do with this blog and that's about all I can say for now. I will promote it, gather data, get feedback and when I will have enough conclusive data I will write a blog post in one month, two, three months, I don't know for sure, it depends on how things will go.

What does the title of the blog post has to do with with it? Well, to be frank, I'm not sure if my project is a smart idea or a dumb idea, I will have to see how it goes, either way, I made sure that I will go only retard, not full retard if things go the wrong way. After my post related to the Daily Concept App I decided to target another market segment, go for a wider audience and to make things less intellectual.

Bell curve


Dear WP SEO plugin that I'm using, never go full...rat. Seems to be a weird problem with the Yoast plugin, no matter what I do I can't change that 'rat'.

WP Yoast SEO plugin going full retard