French Days, French Immediate Surrender and Hilarity

French Days, French Immediate Surrender and Hilarity

French Days is the French equivalent of Black Friday. This year is the first edition and it lasts from April 27 to May 1, "les jours imbattables du e-commerce français", the days with unbeatable prices in the French e-commerce world. Why did they named this event 'French Days'? I don't know exactly, seems like an odd choice of naming to me. Is there something nationalistic about buying something online (and products that are not made in your country)?

I wanted to do a little study on how the French do their marketing during this type of event...well, at least, that was my initial intention. What I found instead is hilarity, deceptive practices, complaining and...immediate surrender!

Let's see the findings.

French Days clowns

This guy tweets about the French copying the Americans but doing it very poorly, the American Black Friday version has -50% to -70% discounts in prices while the French Days version has discounts of 10 Euros...after they increased the prices beforehand. "A band of clowns".

French Days Immediate Surrender

This one is my favorite. Well played Microsoft Translation, well played. If you are not familiar with the French and surrendering then too bad because the French surrender meme is quite popular.

French Days Huge Discount

Wow, this is a great deal! Old price: 0,01 Euros, new price: 299Euros99. They even have free transportation.

French Days avant et pendant

Before and after: seems that the good folks from Boulanger know how to use the déjà vu effect to increase their sales. Not. Mdr indeed!