Four Brain Cells Cryptography: Les Shadoks

Four Brain Cells Cryptography: Les Shadoks

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Les Shadoks is an animated TV series created by Jacques Rouxel which was broadcasted between 1968 and 1974. The Shadoks characters were bird-like in their appearance, ruthless and stupid. There is a resemblance between Les Shadoks and Angry Birds, it's possible that the creators of Angry Birds might have been inspired by this French creation.

Les Shadoks were noted for sayings like:

When one tries continuously, one ends up succeeding. Thus, the more one fails, the greater the chance that it will work

Every advantage has its disadvantages and vice versa.

If there is one chance out of a 1000 to succeed, rush failing the 999 first tries.

These sayings have some wisdom to them, which is not bad considering that the characters have only four brain cells and can only remember the last four words they hear. This is where we get to today's challenge. Knowing that Les Shadoks use only four monosyllabic words "Ga", "Bu", "Zo", "Meu" figure out the meaning of the following text: