100 Ways To Get Rejected: Petition For A National Public Transportation API

What’s this 100 Ways To Get Rejected challenge about? Check this introductory post to find out.

While I was doing some research for a travel app I discovered that there are no cities in Romania that offer a Public Transportation API (PTA). What’s PTA? it’s basically public data that is accessible to anyone on the Internet, data about the public transportation system such as timetables, fares and routes. I initially thought at petitioning the mayor and searched for contact details on the city hall’s website but after doing some more research and learning more about the OpenData initiative (https://opendata.swiss) which is a joint project between the Swiss cantons and various organizations – I realized that I have to aim higher, at a government/ministry level. So I went to the Ministry of Communications and Informational Society’s website and looked around and found that I can send an online petition (https://www.comunicatii.gov.ro/e-petitie/) through one of their forms. I also found out that recently, only 2 weeks ago there was a meeting at the ministry regarding the nationwide implementation of the smart city concept – so this might be a good sign.

I wrote a 283 words petition, added 2 links, one to a google page with Public Feeds and the other one to an article about how smart cities are using API’s. I submitted the petition and I’m waiting for an answer.

100 Ways To Get Rejected: Petition for a National Public Transportation API
100 Ways To Get Rejected: Petition for a National Public Transportation API

For anyone interested about the smart city concept and Public Transportation API’s, those two links are:



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