100 Ways To Get Rejected: Applying To Go To Mars

100 Ways To Get Rejected: Applying To Go To Mars

What's this 100 Ways To Get Rejected challenge about? Check this introductory post to find out.

"Again, it's been a while since I have done something at this challenge" - I've written this in my challenge log because the idea of doing this project dates from June and I made little progress until a few days ago when I decided to take more action and wrote this post. The rest of this blog post is pretty much what I've written in the challenge log, along with some minor edits.

So today I decided to take action, get my hopes up and ... get rejected! The objective is to apply to go to Mars through whatever organization is doing a mission to Mars! Wish me luck!

100 Ways To Get Rejected: Mission on Mars

After a quick search I find out about the Mars One Project and go to the qualifications page to find out if I qualify or not. https://www.mars-one.com/faq/selection-and-preparation-of-the-astronauts/what-are-the-qualifications-to-apply I don't meet the "Visual acuity in both eyes of 100% (20/20) either uncorrected or corrected with lenses or contact lenses;" (I have poorer eyesight in one eye but I don't wear glasses) and the "Normal range of motion and functionality in all joints;" requirements but that's OK, I'm ready to get rejected!

Clicking on "Can I apply to become an astronaut?" to get right to business... https://www.mars-one.com/faq/selection-and-preparation-of-the-astronauts/can-i-apply-to-become-an-astronaut

Unfortunately, I discover that I am a bit too late...about 5 years late, "It is currently not possible to apply. The closing date of this first online astronaut application round was 31 August 2013." I don't want to give up my dream of becoming an astronaut so easily so I search some more.

I browse the search results but can't find any recent open programs, the last Mars project seems to be from 3 years ago when NASA hold a recruiting session for their mission on Mars. I wouldn't had have qualified for the NASA mission as well. I'm doing now a search after recent news about going on Mars and nope, no new missions and open registrations for Mars, the only open registration that I could find is for another kind of Mars, "Mars Wrigley's Candy Connoisseur internship", you know, the candy, chocolate and Willy Wonka kind of stuff. I'm not fussy about the kind of Mars I'm going to so I try to apply for the internship but unfortunately there is no meeting Willy Wonka for me either because I got a "This job cannot be viewed at this time. It has either been deleted or is no longer available for application. For more job opportunities, please click here." More job opportunities...well, you don't happen to have any job on Mars by any chance do you?

It seems that I can't get rejected even if I want to...this is like a whole new level of rejection, meta-rejection, I'm failling at trying to fail - and no, failling at trying to fail is not necessarily succeeding.