100 Days of Writing Challenge: Done!

100 Days of Writing Challenge: Done!

Referring to the old Persian adage: "This too shall pass" I have to say that my 100 Days of Writing Challenge came to its eventual conclusion after 100 long days and about 30000 written words. This challenge has been quite an adventure that took me to different places, made me think and write about all sort of things, made me a bit more disciplined when it comes to writing, made me get out of my comfort zone because writing in English doesn't come easy for me since it's not my first language and not even my second language, it's my third language and I've learned it mostly by myself. I will probably continue writing daily or almost daily because it became a habit by now, they say it takes only about three to four weeks of repeating a behavior in order for it to become a habit, well after 100 days of repetition you are pretty much guaranteed to have gained a new habit.

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I discovered that setting a challenge and being determined to do it (and doing it) can make you more disciplined, creative, confident, inspired. The fact that you make your challenge public is also important because it adds a boost of motivation to do it, research shows that goals made publicly are more likely to get done. Challenges can be fun a good way to achieve things, after completing my two active challenges, this one and the Running a Marathon in 100 Days Challenge, I realize that I want to do more of these things and I'm now working at another challenge that is not public yet and it's quite epic, the time constraint for this one being one year.

The things that I've learned after 100 days of writing are pretty much the same as the things that I've learned after 50 days of writing, check out my blog post on that.

This is not an end, it's only a beginning.