The Political Farm

The Political Farm

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Each time I go on social media sites and when I'm saying social media sites I'm especially referring to Twitter (I deactivated my Facebook account) - I cannot help but observe the ongoing battle between the liberals and republicans in America, and all the Trump this, Trump that.

I rarely check foreign news sites but when I do, it's the same thing, a lot of propaganda, politics - I cannot help but notice that these news sites tend to support and promote the liberal side.

I'm not really interested in politics, I rarely follow the news in Romania, I hear from time to time about some new mass protest that happens, a trend that doesn't surprises me anymore. I wrote about How Your Nation's IQ matters more than Your Own well, Romania has a lower national IQ than other European countries and this fact is reflected in the political ecosystem that we have. When I found out that Romania has a lower national IQ it didn't surprised me, it actually makes a lot of sense and can explain a lot of things. If you are wondering what is the value, it's between 91-94 depending on what sources you want to believe. In comparison, most of the European countries hover around the value of 100.

I'm not interested in politics but I'm conscious of the fact that they affect my life. I'm not interested in American politics but America has a huge cultural, financial, political and military impact on the rest of the world. America is the equivalent of the Roman Empire of our days and what happens there you will find out sooner or later even if you want to or not.

Politics is nothing more than a struggle for power. Ideologies and political ideologies are imperfect and cannot satisfy all people with their different personalities. When it comes to politics I'm not satisfied with the direction in which my country is heading, America and the world in general is heading too. I'm reserved in my progress prognosis for my country, I think that things will continue to improve but they will improve at a slow pace like it happened until now.

It seems that you are more likely to die en route towards vote than impact an election outcome.

When it comes to influencing politics in my country I'm helpless because I don't yield much power, I'm just an ordinary guy. When it comes to influencing the politics in America I'm even more powerless. I'm don't follow politics but I'm not a naive, I see politics for what they really are: a struggle for power between ambitious individuals, politics are not what they should be: a way to improve the lives of people. The true nature of politics is illustrated in books such as The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli and The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Green.

There is a wise Polish proverb: "Not my circus, not my monkeys". Politics are not my battle, most probable I'm better off ignoring them and concentrating on other things.

N.B: I don't know if there is some kind of browser extension or filter option to block political content on social media. If it doesn't exist I might build one.