A Little Bit of Hiking

A Little Bit of Hiking

Went today for a little hiking on one of the hills outside the city I live in. On the way there I could not help but notice how the car traffic increased steadily in the past years. I don't know exactly the statistics and the car ownership percentage, it's just an observation. Another phenomenon that I observed is the steady increase in the average weight of the people in this country. There might be a correlation here, a lot of more polluting cars, less movement, more sedentary lives, less exercising and less hiking. Speaking of hiking, there are very few people hiking in the area where I usually go. Maybe it's better that way, it's a beautiful place and more people might be a nefarious factor for the area, I already witnessed nefarious human activity in the year during the past years.

Admiring the beauty of the nature, exercise, clean air, peace, tranquility, freedom, charging your batteries with energy and positive thoughts - a hiking in the woods is all about these things.

I also found and collected some elderflowers with the purpose of making a delicious elderflower cordial back at home.

Forest light in Iasi, Romania Forest crossroad in Iasi, Romania

Elderflowers in the forest, Iasi, Romania